Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Poop and Other Fun Stuff

I have always been the type to not push potty training. I let Taylor go at her own pace, and at 2 years old, she potty-trained herself in 2 days. Day and night, with no accidents!

So-with Chase, I decided to do the same thing. Unfortunately, he seems to have other plans. For the last couple of days, when he needs to poop he will walk to me and pull on the bottom of his shorts. When he does that, I know he pooped/is pooping. I tell him to go get me a diaper and he will LOL (well-he usually brings a swim diaper, but hey-he tried!)

Now i'm not sure what to I attempt to start the journey of potty-training? I don't even know how to pottytrain a 16 month old! I am used to the kids that can pull their clothes off, wipe, and wash their hands without any assistance. Part of me would like to go ahead and let him try, the other half hopes he waits until next summer when he is Taylor's PTing age and I don't have to do all that work. Who wants to be sitting in the bathroom all day waiting!? LOL

I'll keep yall updated! We're working on our sign language for the potty, Chase thinks it hilarious to sign "poop". He loves to sign...would you believe "milk" is his favorite word? LOL

Pictures coming soon! PROMISE!

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Denise said...

I'm taking the same "no pressure" approach with Caroline. I figure if we introduce her now, then slowly she will do it on her own? Who knows? And all babies are different right? She LOVES to sit on her potty and say "poopoo" but its more of a conversation seat!