Friday, July 31, 2009


Well, we have made it another year! (Ok, it's 2 days early...we got married August 2nd, but I think I can say we made it another year. We don't plan on divorcing this weekend or anything LOL
This makes a total of SIX years married, and TEN years together :) TEN! We have gone through so much, both good and bad! But-we are still the best friends that we were when we first met my freshman year of high school! Here are some pics of us back in tha day!

Our last homecoming dance...we were 17 years old here!

Our very first Christmas as a married couple...this was taken at Pam and Kevin Decranes :) We look so young here! We didn't imagine that one month later we would be pregnant with our little girl :)
And-this picture is so beyond special to me. Not only does it mark one of the most important days of our lives, it contains 2 extra-special people. The Ring Bearer in the picture is my cousin, Jacob Hughes, who passed away in May 2007 at 10 years old. The usher to the far right is Chris Hampton, who was in a HORRIBLE car crash in November that left him comatose for weeks. He had major bruising of the brain-stem, and is still recovering in a nursing home facility. We are all faithfully praying for the day he fully recovers and can walk/talk/be a regular 25 year old again!

We don't have very special anniversary plans...we are still going to Ruston on Sunday mornings to lead praise and worship, so we decided to book a suite at a hotel in Ruston. We'll have dinner at our favorite local restaurant, and enjoy sleeping in a couple extra hours on Sunday morning (The church is 5 minutes away, instead of 2 hours! YAY!!!)


Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have an amazing weekend celebrating your love for one another. Your pictures are so cute! It's so weird to think of you guys our freshman year of college and our amazing life group! Who knew where we'd all end up?!

Jeremy and I started dating six years ago today...isn't it random that we started dating when you got MARRIED?!

Denise C said...

Happy Anniversary!

What IS your favorite local restaurant in Ruston?